Tuesday, August 29, 2006

She Had an Abortion, So You Don't Have To...

I would like everyone to get acquainted with Kayla. She has a thrilling career in financial auditing! But like many of today's energetic young women, she has a lot of time on her hands -- time she could be spending frying up salmon patties for the homeless or tutoring kids with her mad math skills. But you see Kayla wanted to do something a little more original...and a lot more despotic and narcissistic with her free time. So Kayla has offered her services as one of the postergirls for VoteYesForLife.com, one of the mastermind organizations behind the South Dakota ban on abortion.

You see, Kayla had an abortion a few years ago in South Dakota, then felt bad about it later -- so now she wants to make sure that no other woman gets the same legal access and control over her own medical care. Kayla was a sad, sad person after that abortion -- a sadness so profound it's given her a kind of omniscient wisdom so powerful that she must decide what's best for everyone in South Dakota faced with an unplanned pregnancy. Kayla even got to speak before the House State Affairs Committee in South Dakota in February. Here's what she had to say:

Have you ever felt like a vapor; a mere mist dissolving in the life surrounding you? Empty? Invisible? No real substance, just a vapor? A vapor is how my abortion left me.

(COME ON, KAYLA! That's how you address your state assembly -- trite comparisons and predictable imagery, smeared with a whole lot of egocentric adolescent angst?!? Honey, please... I encourage your use of your right brain, but you need a less destructive outlet. Can't you scribble down some poems and attend an open mike somewhere? Or purge yourself with thru spiritual vomiting by writing in a journal or a blog?!?!)

Since today is Genesia (ancient Greek festival in which offerings are left for the dead), I submit this entry to the zygote or embryonic cluster that Kayla chose to terminate. And I hope this offering brings Kayla some peace -- because guilt and grief aren't good company.

Also, today is the feast of
Artemis the Huntress. She is associated with both fertility and destruction, as they are 2 sides of the same coin.

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