Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Get your burquas while they're still cheap

...because the American Taliban is aggressively legislating against women's freedoms. Back in April, abortion was banned in South Dakota. The FDA is attempting to stonewall over-the-counter availabilty of Plan B (the morning after pill) against their own precedents. (Read this to-the-point editorial from the Washington Post about one married mother's inability to access Plan B.)

Of course, now that the American Taliban has been so successful in eroding Roe v. Wade, the next plan is to prevent access to birth control -- that goes for the married folks out there too. Of course, from a litigious perspective this is perfectly logical. Roe v. Wade was successfully argued from precedents established by
Griswold v. Connecticut. In Griswold, the Court ruled that the state could not pass laws against contraception -- therefore, if the American Taliban can continue to stack all 3 branches of the federal government with their zealots, then Griswold will soon go the way of Roe. If you think I'm over-reacting, please read "Contra-Contraception" by Russell Shorto.)

And finally, read about the new federal guidelines to healthcare providers strongly suggesting that all women in their bleeding years be treated as "pre-pregnant". (Read "Forever Pregnant")
Now, we haven't quite made it to
Atwood's bleak future of total womb occupation, but the American Taliban is surely trying to flagellate the nation to that not-so-ficticious-seeming future as quickly as possible.

As much as I enjoy motherhood, I believe I am a more effective mother (not to mention human) when my country considers that I am the Super Deluxe Sirena Action Figure -- I come with features other than my uterus.

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