Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Gotta stop sobbing now...

Do you remember being a little kid and your emotions would sweep you up like the riptide and you would sob and sob, choking on your own tears howling, sputtering, heaving and convulsing your chest compressing and a stitch in your side? And then the crying would slowly begin to subside and after one last shuddering moan you would sprawl out flat and just lay there, deep breathing. You would just lay there for a minute and savor the release. you might have a headache. You would still be very sad and mad, but in that one tiny instant you felt authentic. You were a scraped-out husk, completely relaxed and ready to crack the spine on the next chapter.
That's exactly how I feel. Like there might be some hope after the horror, like just maybe I'll sleep well tonight.

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