Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Yes, We Can!

Today, I am a very joyful but tired little mermaid because I was out enjoying the celebratory rally in Grant Park with President Obama and 300,000 or so fellow Americans.

More to come, but for now .... hooray, hoooray, hooray, yippeeee and yaaaayyy!!!


changapeluda said...

Si se puede!

i prolly saw you on the tv!

(Ruby, Jaed and i lit our own sparklers on the porch!)

La Sirena said...

Sí, se puede!

I was in the way back, so maybe not -- BUT MAYBE. I was the one in the black hat and blue jeans. ;~)

It was such a calm, pleasant event. No fireworks, though. That's just a photographic expression of my joy. It was very much a -- see, we've completed step 1. Smile, hold your head up, but we've all got alot of work to do if we plan to survive as a nation.

Sí, se puede. Gracias a Dios, porque muchas tenemos que hacer.

rjogood said...

jen - i join in your celebration and agree --- there's a lot of work for everyone!

La Sirena said...

rjogood -- Welcome! Yep, noses to the grindstone...