Thursday, September 04, 2008

Reading Is FUNdamental

Like so many fundaMENTALists, Governor Palin of Alaska has trouble separating fact from metaphor. For example, last night she stridently asserted that ...

However, please see the chart below and note that excepting those people earning more than a quarter of a million dollars a year, Senator Obama's tax plan actually decreases income tax more than Senator McCain's plan. Senator Obama would create budget surplus, rather than Senator McCain's defecit. Maybe Governor Palin should clean her glasses.

The tax plans:

Incomes of:
--Obama-- --McCain
$227,000 - a year - plus -- --$23,000 more-- --$15,000 less
$112,000 - $227,000-- --$2,300 less-- --$3,200 less
$66,000 - $112,000--
--$1,290 less-- --$1,009 less
$38,000 - $66,000-- --$1,042 less-- --$319 less
$19,000 - $38,000-- --$892 less-- --$113 less
$0 - $19,000-- --$567 less-- --$19 less

For everyone:
$4,000/yr /college student
Double the dependent credit to $7,000

Impact of tax changes on federal budget:
Obama's plan will return $700 billion
McCain's plan will cost us $600 billion
Source: Chicago Sun-Times

(Oh and FYI, John McCain has never voted in favor of a bill which would help small businesses or relieve their taxes or make those taxes equitable to big business. I don't know what Heather is going to do if McCain and Palin win the election in Novemeber.)

Oh, and a shout out to Michael who sent me the candidate's tax plan chart.

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