Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Just in case you thought this would be a free election

In St. Paul, Minnesota -- where everybody is nice! -- they are arresting journalists and bloggers who are trying to cover the Republican National Convention, including Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! Maybe you would like to sign the petition, requesting that Nice St. Paul, Minn., nicely respect the constitution and a free press. Go here.
Also, please note that while you had to tune in to PBS last week to watch the Democratic Convention, all of the big 3 networks are broadcasting hour-long edited versions of the Republican Convention, including most of the bigger speeches.

(Like the one where W. remembers to say 9/11 for the eighty gazillion bajillionth time, and tangentially compares "the angry left" to the Vietcong who tortured McCain at the Hanoi Hilton. Yeah, you bet your flat ass I'm angry, W.)

And some of the things you might have missed watching the convention on ABC, CBS or NBC, included Big, Bad Barbara Bush of the Beautiful Brain laughing when hearing about the deaths of 13 people during a bridge collapse in Minnesota last year and Papa H.W. checking his watch while Laura rambled through her Halcyion high, smile plastered firmly to her stepford face.

Hurricanes - R - Us!!! -Greedy Oil Party


Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

ooh, darling, so angry! i love it!!!

seriously, thanks for thinking i am a love god--you are nice and all, but that could not be so much further from the truth if the Republicans were saying it!!!

La Sirena said...

I'm not nice, Nigel.