Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I've kind of stopped liking people.

I recently realized that I put all of this effort into talking to and getting along with people and I simply don't feel like expending the energy anymore.

Which makes me feel a little guilty -- but not so much. Mostly, I'm just tired of everyone's antics and my threshold for bullshit has totally waned.

Totally waned...

Many people are dull and needy. Have you noticed this? I hadn't noticed this before, but now that I've started noticing, I can't seem to stop noticing.

Which isn't very nice. But then again, who said I had to be nice? I would like to be kind, insightful and loyal -- but I don't really give a shit about being nice.

It's nice to be nice. That's what Miss B---- used to say to all of us eighth graders at the catholic school. Miss B----- was an utterly cruel bitch who tortured adolescents with mockery and homework, performed ballroom dancing in VFWs around the state in tinsel skirts. It is also a not-so-well-known fact that JK Rowling modeled Dolores Umbridge on Miss B----,. (Ask anyone who knows about both Harry Potter and Miss B-----.)

The point of that is... of course .... It is NOT nice to be nice. (At least, if you have to constantly tell yourself that it is nice to be nice...)

Screw nice, half price. Later... I'm going to try to increase my tolerance.


Woodlandmama said...

I Thought it was Ursula the Sea Witch. She even looked like her (minus the tentecals)

Pelmo said...

Me I like those smiles I get when I am nice to somebody.

But I do understand the part about being tolerable.

La Sirena said...

Womama, Ursula from Little Mermaid?

Pelmo -- Yeah, me too... I just am feeling a little impatient lately.

Bostick said...

I feel the same way. 90 percent of people do not listen nor do they feel that they should learn anything other than what they absorb from television and the internet.
Everyone is an expert and at the same time know nothing.
I knew that if I started posting again my favorite bloggers would reappear. ;) xoxo