Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

This audacity of theirs is not new.

Oh, Dick!!! I Want To Ream You!!!

Cheney, Cheney, Cheney

Mine own ravenous vampire

My Midas zombie king!!!

Go and run far away.

Just run and run and run

Take your lead heart

and your thirst and your hunger

To lie, to sneer, to kill

I caress your lily white hands

Soft as the Pillsbury Doughboy

You are soft as the Pillsbury Doughboy

Because you are old and impotent

And this is why you kill children

And this is why you kill mothers

And this is why you plunge drills

Deep into the earth's core

Because you are impotent

And so we all shall suffer

Your hanging flag

And your long shotgun

Your long, long shotgun

For you are not a man.

But you are from Wyoming

And know the glacier

Of inadequacy.

And so you kill babies

And so you kill Americans

And so you kill Iraqis

And so you kill everyone

You shoot your friends

You rape civilization

You rape the constitution

With your lily-white hands

And your limp Dick Cheney

In Hell you will be spread

Shot and speared and reamed,

Forever and ever again and again...

1 comment:

JoeC said...

Dang, that's one of the most eloquent vents I've ever read. Dick seems totally encapable of empathetic thought, so even when he's in hell getting retribution, I'm not sure he'll understand why the world loathes him so. He's Dick Cheney! He's an old rich powerful white American. It's his manifest destiny to rule the world and subjugate whole third-world countries. Black is black; white is white; and Cheney is better than others. That's just the way it is, in his sick peanut-sized mind.