Thursday, December 13, 2007 currently has 983,130 people voting to evict W from the White House. They are pushing to make it a million person referendum ASAP. If you haven't done so, click here and get counted.

Why? Surely (you are thinking to yourself) W will be gone in a year. But we must impeach him anyway,

  • because of 9/11 happening due to his negligence and on his watch and yet he dares to use it to terrify us;
  • because hundreds of thousands are dying worldwide because of his thirst for oil profits;
  • because since he stole office, most of us want to emigrate to Canada;
  • because he lied about Iraq;
  • because he is lying about Iran;
  • because he and his staff committed treason by outing the entire undercover intelligence unit in Iraq and Iran and are putting our military in jeopardy in that region without the benefit of intelligence;
  • because he has set back progressive environmental procedures and policies at least 25 years, rendering this planet poisonous for my future great-grandchildren;
  • because he has turned the constitution into a bird cage liner, forever destroying our system of checks and balances unless we impeach him
  • because he has ignored the Geneva Convention
  • because he has rolled back habeus corpus
  • because of these and so very many reasons
  • and now for the latest...

While he causes all of these horrible, terrible dramas worldwide, he makes a movie for real and true... starring his damned scotch terriers, the Drunken Twins, the Stepford Wife, Alan Jackson (who should now return all of his gold records and music awards) and Tony Blair (who should probably be evicted from the UK).

Go on, you know you want to visit the page and watch it in the media player of your choice. Go on, click it, click it , click it...

But don't forget to first add your name to the call for impeaching Bush.


Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

My dearest La Sirena--do you really believe that all Christians are Nazis (based on your tags, which I continue to admire and love)?

I think all Mormons are anarchists and all Jews are nihilists. And also that all Bahais are sophists. What else is there?


La Sirena said...


I do not believe that all Christians are Nazis. I do believe that some "evangelical" proseletyzing types who want to undermine our constitution and prescribe how everyone should live are narrow-minded fascists and I like to refer to them as "christianazis". Also, I was raised Catholic and Catholics consider themselves the original christians -- although most other christians would argue that we're just a bunch of pagans. I think both camps are right.

Hmmm... you make some intersting points, although I don't think Mormon's are anarchists -- Salt Lake City stifles me with its organization -- Bahais are sophists, beautiful!!!

Of course, it's been said again and again that religion is merely some kind of explanation for shit happening..

Mohawk Chieftain said...

I do believe it's habeus corpus. Delete the comment after you fix the spelling....

La Sirena said...

Thank you MC! Poor typing on my part.

Fred Rogers said...

Mr. Rogers likes the cut of your jib.

La Sirena said...

Back at you, Mr. Rogers.

In fact, it's pretty much documented that I will always love you.