Monday, March 05, 2007

Ann Coulter Still Needs an Enema

Evidently her diet consisting of 3 ounces of raisins and one rice cake a day is blocking her colon. Please, Ann, for the love of all that is holy -- eat something. You probably would wake up each day in a better mood.

And then you wouldn't have to go on tv, make up lies and call people names.

Which brings up a question.
Why is it OK for you to call Senator John Edwards a "faggot", but when people heckle you at a speaking engagement, they get arrested?

I think you are a chicken, Ann. Why don't you try eating one instead of acting like one?


Pelmo said...

All right Jen is hale and hearty and ready to do battle with the evil empire.

As for skinny Annie, you and I both know, the more outrages the comments and actions, the bigger the limelight.

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