Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Treason Catches Up with You

Scooter Libby was found guilty on 4 out of 5 felony charges today for his role as fall guy in the Plame Affair. (You can also read the NY Times article here.)

The Libby trial showed us that Dick Cheney ordered the outing of an entire CIA undercover operation in Iraq and Iran. Cheney is now trying to start an erroneous war with Iran -- and we currently have no reliable intelligence base there because of Cheney's vengeful acts in the Plame Affair. He ordered Valerie Plame Wilson outed (and by default the entire CIA front of a corporation, and therefore all of our undercover agents in Iran and Iraq). Why? It was retaliation against her husband -- Ambassador Joseph Wilson -- for writing an oped piece in the NY Times in which he refuted Bush's clains that Iraq was hiding WMDs.

Now it's time to impeach Cheney for treason. US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald -- who irritates me for not charging Cheney outright -- says he will testify everything he knows about Cheney's role in the Plame Affair before Congress. (Fitzgerald has a note written in Cheney's hand indicting both Bush and himself.)

So do your duty as a US Citizen and demand of your Congressman that the Articles of Impeachment be brought against Cheney for treason. By blowing Plame's cover and destroying all undercover CIA operations in a region where he has made war, Cheney has provided comfort and advantage to our enemies. (Enemies he made in his endless quest for plunder -- oil and fat government contracts for his cronies.) This treasonous man does not deserve the title and priveleges of Vice President of the United States of America.

Contact Congress and urge them to impeach Dick Cheney. Go here to find your congressman and their contact info.


JoeC said...

Impeach Cheney, then Bush. Then bring on the criminal trials. Then let the new President know he/she better not dare pardon people we've spent millions to convict.

La Sirena said...

Yes! Turn Bush and Cheney over to the World Court, that would end any pardons.

Do you think Pelosi would actually pardon them?

JoeC said...

Dunno about Pelosi...remember before the 2006 elections she said she wouldn't seek impeachment. Don't know yet if she was making a calculated chess move or just sending a message to the Military-Industrial Complex that she'd play ball, too. I'd hope she'd let 'em retire making license plates...

La Sirena said...

Oh, I think she plays ball. Her voting record is very pro-military -- even pre 9/11.

Also, I was completely disappointed by the whole namby-pamby Democratic resolution to make a proclamation saying "we don't really think you know what you're doing in Iraq, and we aren't sure we approve." Pelosi spearheaded it. I am suspicious.