Friday, January 26, 2007

"When Does the Greed End?"

Since the occupation began in March of 2003, approximately 3000 Americans and 60,000 Iraqis have died so that Haliburton, might make more billions of dollars.

Some Republican Senators are trying to kill the bill which would raise the minimum wage a measly $2.10 over the next two years. They are burying it under amendments for corporate tax breaks.

So W, when you gave the State of the Union address on Tuesday, wouldn't it have been much more concise to say,

"My fellow Americans...Fuck you!"???

The title quote comes from Senator Kennedy taking the Senate to task this week. Watch it here.


Anonymous said...

Sounds angry Jen - this shit doesn't ring in my ears day in day out - I get Blair and Brown, Cameron and Reid. Your magnificent president is truly beneath contempt I'm sure he's a rich man and America has its poverty too - it's sooo crazy when the truth hits about the rich, they'll take off to Mars rather than look poor people in the eye it's amazing the tricks they pull to keep the rabble happy (including allowing to supply enough coke and smack to act as 'pacifiers'.) They all dread hardship - revolution has always arisen from hardship - CUT OFF THE OIL AND GAS SUPPLIES - I implore you to sabotage the refineries...

Ha ha ha ha ha ha



La Sirena said...

HD -- Ha, ha, ha, ha -- funny joke! Once again, you display your gift for metaphor and hyperbole ... as if sabotage is any kind of solution economically, morally, etc. Plus, we're the nurturing parental types, right? You should really read this clip now. FYI -- what you are about to read is one example in thousands and it is a very, VERY benign example.

To address another part of your comment, they've stepped away from the most basic premise of have to give your workers enough to survive if you expect them to work. I think Adam Smith came up with that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen - i've had a bit of a manic time lately as the moon swings back into a quieter sky for me. Sometimes the ol' bull smashea around a bit when he can trample across friends' feelings. That guy's story should remind me to be careful about sharing violent fantasies - I guess we all get tossed around a bit at times!


La Sirena said...

My feelings are fine and we all fit somewhere on the mood polarity continuum -- I understand.

It's harder for those of us who remember the concept of free speech.