Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hibernate, Etc.

I've been hiding from the world for a few days because it sucks and I'm feeling tender. I expect the pendulum to swing back any minute now and I should be back to my self soon. I'm going to make barbeque today -- that will help immensely.

I have found a fantastic website called Drummerworld. Go visit it now -- they have bios, photos and videos of hundreds of drummers. Currently, I recommend anything on the
Tony Williams' page, but specifically this cut from 1972. It was researching TW that led me to this page. (My drummer friend Michael dropped his name and having never heard of him, I googled him. Williams' pretty much recreated drumming as it is today, including creating the technical and compositional vocabulary that modern drummers use.)

There is also a very fun drumoff between Buddy Rich and Animal from The Muppet Show and of course, my big, silly schoolgirl crush --
?uestlove. I've got to tell you tho, I'm not really feeling it for his drumming -- at least the audio clips included on the site and compared to so many other drummers found on this site.

I've merely scratched the surface of this comprehensive site. Have fun riding the rhythms.


Jane said...

Poor Jen, why are you so tender? Let me kiss it all better like I used to. Mom

La Sirena said...

How embarrassing!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great site!!

twit said...

Was that really your mom?

Maybe 'mom' is a lesbian euphemism or something?

Drums & Muppets. Now that's TV.

La Sirena said...

L-- Isn't it? It makes me happy.

T -- That's my mom as in mother or progenitor. Nothing euphemistic about it...Naughty!

My son says Animal was based on Keith Moon.

twit said...

Sorry. I've got lesbians on the brain at the mo.

Anonymous said...


La Sirena said...

Twit -- Incidentally or usually?

NEAL! NEAL! Thanks for visiting.

twit said...

(more than usual)