Monday, December 04, 2006

Old Man Winter Is Back In Town

Today the temperature is about zero degrees farenheit. The snow was lovely, now it's all sooty.

Here are some pictures I took in Humboldt Park over the weekend. (Notice the afternoon moon between the branches.)

Keep scrolling down for more images.

I wish my focus had been a little sharper here -- but I posted it anyway. It kind of epitomizes Humboldt Park for me.

Ice and snow-bedazzled bush.

Hardcore basketball players.

Boathouse and lagoon on December 2nd, followed by boathouse and lagoon on October 3rd.


Jane said...

I am so are using your camera? What a difference a few months will make. Very lovely.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Great pics.

La Sirena said...

Laurie & Ma--
Thanks much!!!

pelmo said...

You just took a few steps up the photographers ladder. Jane shure knows how to take and critique photos. I hope I spelled that word right. So a thumbs up really rates. Besides I agree with Jane and Laurie. Now don't fall off your chair in shock at getting a compliment from me.

La Sirena said...


I already bruised my elbow when I used it to break my fall.

pelmo said...

I am not one to complain, but why doesn't a dancing elmo pop up automaticaly to the right of my comment. Or do I have to draw him evry time.
We are going to have to get you a seat belt, just in case I decide to throw another compliment your way.

La Sirena said...

We can set it up for you. You have to attach it to your profile.

I'll survive.
What's a bruised elbow every century or so?

pelmo said...

I will have to cut back on those compliments. Didn't realize how often I was dishing them out. Don't want to ruin my image.