Friday, December 01, 2006

Love Is the Drug for Me

I am just so freaking in love with the whole, wide world today!!!

(Refreshing, given the doom cloud that was raining down on my head for the last 30 days.) I know, I know -- terrible things are happening everywhere, but today I am bouncy and buoyant! Besides, don't you think in some small way being in love with the whole wide world could help turn the apocalyptic tide rising up to our ears???

Some examples of people, places and things I am in love with:

  • General Sarcasmo of Adolescentia...AKA, my son. In the midst of starting high school, having his first girlfriend, creating 2 research projects for the IB program (one which includes real cockroaches causing much mayhem, such as a roach perching on a classmate's head during 2nd period) he has managed to create 2 religions. Breathe easy -- he has no followers yet. Today, he went out into the sleet and snowstorm and warmed up my car and scraped the three inches of ice away before I got downstairs -- and I didn't even have to ask him to do it.
  • Today's Storm which was not nearly as horrific as the media predicted -- causing light traffic through well-ploughed roads and beautiful ice and snow covered trees.
  • December, which marks the completion of November -- typically a very seasonally affective disordered month for me.
  • ?uestlove -- see my previous post.
  • My smoking buddy, the Morrocan Valet. He had a cigarette ready for my no-shopping ass today.
  • The grinning toddler in the lobby who helped me pass the time in the coffee line by gleefully labelling every object in sight.
  • Jaybird, because he's Jaybird. This includes but is not limited to his easy cackle, his generous soul, his smell of woods, motor oil, man and tobacco and the 7 foot tall smoke stove on wheels in his driveway.
  • Thelonious, my soon-to-arrive nephew.
  • Heather and Jessica of Go Fug Yourself, because they are so witty and today came up with the concept of
  • Breasts That Make Martinis. I'm flummoxed. I have a new vocation. I want to open a topless martini bar. The possibilities are endless and the future is wide open.


superstar said...

life just good

pelmo said...

Hey superstar. If your going to post photos like that, make sure they are larger for old goats like myself.

pelmo said...

If breasts made martinis, you would have many content babies.

La Sirena said...

Hey Superstar...Life IS good, sometimes...

Pelmo -- you pervy old goat-- icons/ avatars have a prescribed size. And yes, the babies would sleep well.

pelmo said...

I have really been out of the loop. Is that what they are calling them these days. If they have a prescribed size, why do bras come in a variety of sizes.

La Sirena said...