Monday, October 02, 2006

"Baseball's My Favorite Game..."

I have avoided discussing my beloved White Sox on my blog because:

a) I am at least as superstitious as any baseball fan, and probably more. Discussing my team in this forum seems like an invitation to a hitting slump. (Not that they weren't already in one.)

b) I suspect it's very shallow and inconsequential to discuss sports at length outside of a bar or party.

c) My team has been one long disappointment since skipper Ozzie Guillen was sent to sensitivity training in June for calling Jay Marriotti a very bad word. Jay Marriotti (a local sportswriter) is a whole lotta bad words- but Ozzie should not have used that particular epithet.

This season, the Sox were not the team they could have been (or I hoped for) -- although they were still good -- just not good enough. I think Ozzie's new-found "sensitivity" is one of many culprits. I hope he gets desensitized on the off-season. I'll buy him a thesaurus to assist in future name-calling that is offensive to sports writers only.

(I still love you Ozzie. I've loved you since I was a little girl with dreams of becoming the first female MLB all-star and you were a hard-hitting short stop -- as an athlete. Sports figures should not ever be looked to as models of good behavior.)

Unfortunately, the Chi Sox lost to the Twins yesterday, allowing the Twins to be the first team in baseball history to take a division championship on the last day of regular season -- without having been in first place once in the entire season.

And I despise the Minnesota Twins. They are insidious. And they face the Yankees next, who are even more foul than the Twins and I wish there was a way they could both knock each other out...I hate to see either team advance.

The Detroit Tigers get the wild card playoff spot and my Sox are out with 90 wins.

So I am keeping my superstitious fingers crossed for a World Series between the Tigers and the New York Mets.

Sometimes Monday begs for frivolity.


PELMO said...

All this drivel, luckily this message was conveyed via electronic wizardary, rather then having a mighty oak sacrifice itself,turned into pulp, so that you may expound this trivia over a little boys game. Switch your loyalties to the Cubs and all you would have to expound on is WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR

La Sirena said...


"If wishes were horses, beggars would ride."

Indigobusiness said...

Only a Cubs fan would say something so idiotic, or use then for than. To wit:

"...rather then having a mighty oak sacrifice itself..."

Pelmo's message, in tone and character, is sorely lacking. Much like the Cubs.

Baseball is primarily a little boys game within the friendly confines.

Regarding the Sox, they are in a tough division. They had their day, next year the Indians might wake up and things will be even tougher.

Maybe they screwed their mojo by dumping The Big Hurt the way they did.

Last laughs are best.

La Sirena said...

DAMN! They are honing in on this arguement from around the country!

IB -- It's not nice to pick on the infirm, which Pelmo is as a South Side Cub's fan.

Actually, the Sox are in this season's toughest division, and the Indians did not bring it this year, although they too could have been contenders in another division.

It's also one of the most fun divisions to watch, and with the Sox out of the playoffs this year, I might be able to afford to attend a couple of games next year.

I have mixed feelings about the Big Hurt. He was on the injured list for a season and a half -- and they actually kept him on last season alot longer than I expected-- but he was with the Sox for 15 seasons. He can be an arrogant asshole, but athletes aren't role models.

Ultimately, getting traded really amped up his hitting -- and as you say, laugh lasts are best.

Indigobusiness said...

Yes, it was actually this year's toughest division...but that sounds like bragging: something Texans never do.

The Indians started the year as my dark horse, but they couldn't've contended anywhere.

The Big Hurt was victimized by the Sox in many ways, regardless what anyone thinks of him. He did more for that team than anyone in memory, and Ken Williams can go suck it.

Getting traded isn't what amped up Frank's hitting, getting well is what did it. If the crappy Sox Dr.'s diagnosis hadn't hobbled Frank, and nearly torpedoed a Hall of Fame career, he would never have struggled and been thrown away like so much garbage.

I didn't like him or his temperament much, early on. But he has redeemed himself in my book, and redemption cuts a lot of ice with me.

He is one of the greatest hitters to ever play the game. I am happy to see him shine.

La Sirena said...

I guess it did sound like bragging... but it was more the sheer excitement of watching the season.

Doctors -- particularly surgeons-- are often stereotyped as arrogant. Some people who spend a lot of time around them might find them more arrogant than professional athletes.

Frank is one of the greatest hitters ever, and it would be a sweet peace of justice to watch him slug it in the World Series.

Indigobusiness said...

Baseball is the tits.

La Sirena said...

Oh, you've got that right!