Thursday, September 28, 2006


Today I’ve had to strap on green paper armour and do battle with various departments and federal grant forms for my kind, sweet, scientifically gifted doctors.

Therefore, I’ve sent my soul on a little vacation to a bottomless sapphire pool deep in a cave in New Mexico – about 25 miles northwest of Carlsbad.

This is not Plato’s cave. There are no shadows on the wall. There is only red rock and crystalline water emanating a soft glow.

I’m submerging myself telepathically in the womb waters of the Sierra Madre. I will gestate for 24 more hours and return to my body when it’s safe. That is, when we’ve shipped off this pinche grant.


Jane said...

My love, go for your is not very difficult & you get goo gobs of money. You can even go an help run programs for those you love to help......... you can do anything you want. It is the most flexible of degrees........

La Sirena said...
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La Sirena said...

Ma, I love you and I always value your opinion...BUT
Mediocrity Belittles Always.

When you turned me over to the Jesuits, I was basically ruined for all profitable certification for the sake of certification.
Classics-worshipping didactical soldiers of the eucharist!!!

Tu Rebelde

pelmo said...

To the queen of hyperbole and sarcasm, a thought to ponder. Does being a conservative cause anorexia, or does anorexia cause one to be conservative. The reason for this conundrum, is the fact I was viewing the propaganda channel commonly refered to as FOX news, and observed all the blonde shrews spewing their bile, were carbon copies of Ms Coulter.

La Sirena said...

Perhaps propaganda is very filling, but low in carbs and calories?
Nothing like beet soup -- which is delicious and nutritious!