Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Patrick Fitzgerald is Really Starting to Chafe

Why isn’t Patrick Fitzgerald bringing charges against Richard Armitage? He is one of the two (the other was Karl Rove) now blamed for leaking Valerie Plame Wilson’s covert position in the CIA searching for (and not finding) evidence of Iraq making or stockpiling WMDs to Washington Post reporter Robert Novak.

Why hasn’t Richard Armitage been indicted? He claims he let this information slip, but Novak disputes this. I’m inclined to agree with Novak. Armitage’s CV includes covert military actions in Vietnam and Thailand, transfer of weapons (and probably cocaine) in the Iran-Contra scandal, a variety of appointments in the Department of Defense in the Reagan years and Deputy Secretary of State under W. This is not a man who casually lets information slip.

So why does Fitzgerald have his nose that deep in the crevice of every popularly elected branch of Illinois government? Do you mean to tell me that in Illinois in general and Chicago in particular, politicians practice patronage?


Look Mr. Fitzgerald, I find you insulting and a real waste of tax payer dollars, because we all know they all practice patronage and we still elect them. Every politician in this country practices patronage. (Do you remember Mike Brown, former horse trainer who W. appointed as head of FEMA?) I also don’t think that it’s a coincidence that you’ve been sent like a rabid bulldog to attempt to topple one of the most powerful Democratic toeholds in the nation by any means necessary.

What happened to State’s Rights? Didn’t that used to be a flashy Republican standard? Now it's all about concentrated power in the Executive Branch. You know the "f" word we'll be waking up to tomorrow.

Oh…and Armitage claimed all culpability for the Plame affair, resigned as Deputy Secretary of State and was rewarded by the Executive Branch oil barons with a position on Conoco’s board of directors.


Jane said...

Until someone hangs for treason this subject should not rest. Mom

La Sirena said...


You mean that hanging figuratively?