Tuesday, May 10, 2011

These Theses

I'm trying to concentrate and create my thesis paper, so suddenly every other thing in the world is interesting and intersecting. Which would almost sound raunchy if it wasn't so dull.

My thesis is on cravings. Does treatment with such-and-such device reduce cravings? Unfortunately, the people being rated are already lacking cravings in life which is why they are seeking this treatment in the first place. This muddles the data.

Muddles... data... It's all gone uncertainly Heisenberg on me. It doesn't matter, I guess. I just have to do a remotely comprehensive presentation and then turn in one stack of paper so they'll hand me a stamped one.

Hey, I almost sound like pre-June 2010 Jen, again. I think I'll have to add a picture of a topless mermaid, now. Then we'll all feel better.

I'll work on flowing sentence structure after my thesis.


I.:.S.:. said...

The thing now is discipline. Disciplina! Entiendes?

I find myself writing to deadline again for the first time in quite some goddamn time and so I know of what you speak.

Be thankful! There is nothing like having a sense of purpose!

Pelmo said...

All is well with the world now that scantly clad mermaids will once more be making there appearance...I am so proud of you Jen and all thatr you have accomplished to this point...

Zoro said...

Hi Jen,
I feel like a marathon runner with chafed cheeks and fucking goddam stamina. Easier challenges at age 50?Help the bombadier, that's all I have to say about that. Revolution? Bring it on. Is Death approaching? Oh yes, yes! Please! Please!
Fuck Death. Fuck the Pall-bearers.
Jen, don't let them take my anger to heart. You are my compass and dividers right now. I was emotional staggering into the Blogger's enclave once again.


La Sirena said...

Zoro, if your cheeks are chafed and you've still got fucking goddamn stamina you are a bad ass. And I tip my red anarchist hat in your direction.

Your heart is mush stronger than anger. Get mad, get yourself even and get on...

Sorry to sound preachy. It's really good to hear from you. Go post something. I enjoy your train of thought.

Ed Pilolla said...

hope the thesis is going well.
as a matter of fact, i do feel better with the photo:)

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