Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Stuff & Nonsense

I haven't posted in a very long time but I'm feeling sort of creative in an enthusiastically disinterested kind of way -- so here is some stuff and nonsense...

Yesterday, I stopped by the bodega to buy some smokes and there was a large, thuggish and quite stunningly attractive man buying lottery tickets, but he wasn't buying them the usual way. Instead of handing over a pre-filled card or rattling off numbers scrawled on a scrap of paper, this guy bought seven lottery tickets like so:

Next, the fives and eights -- five, eight, fifteen, eighteen, twenty-five, twenty-eight. Now the twos and sevens -- two, seven, twenty-two, twenty-seven, thirty-two, thirty-seven...

Seriously, this went on for about ten minutes and it was hot as hell in that store. Then as I was walking out, the same guy re-enters (nearly running me over) and seven guys walk in behind him as if by choreography(from the left, from the right, from the left, and so on. I finally had to elbow my way out of the doorway). As, I walked to my car I saw them come out of the store and walk down the street in formation. I started to wonder if the lottery tickets were actually an elaborately coded communication system among extremely organized street crews. Who knows? Maybe I'm just imposing patterns on everything.

Also, three of my girlfriends are moving out of town: Denver, Austin and Amsterdam, respectively. I'm itching to move but the kid's got one more year of school and I promised myself I would make strides toward stability. But there's a joyful surrender in a big move that I really miss. Moving can be seductive.
I read a book by a very wealthy capitalist and I learned some things, like it's nice to have tits and assets and it's really good to earn more than you spend. It was actually quite refreshing to read a book by someone who undestands that an economic system is supposed to be about economics -- not an ethos. Once you accept a given economic -ism as your personal savior, you are morally bankrupt and totally fucked.
Not that I'm judgemental or anything.

p.s. I borrowed that picture from somebody's photobucket account

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