Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Use Your Words

The definition of socialism from the Oxford English Dictionary:

When greedy Wall Street motherfuckers and soulless bankers expect the tax payers to pay their multimillion dollar bonuses (not salaries, bonuses) that is not socialism. One could correctly state that AIG received the biggest welfare check ever written in the history of the world. One could correctly call AIG and every other corporate pirates of public trusts THIEVES and TERRORISTS holding America hostage in hard times. But that does not make Obama a socialist. Get it straight. Use your words.

This endless, unaccountable handout to AIG and the continued refusal to bring Bush and Cheney up on charges (for obstructing justice, treason, war crimes, torture, etc.) DOES make Obama and his party a bunch of wimps (especially when Obama tries to "reach across the aisle" to Republicans with their never-ending mantra of tax breaks for the wealthy... FUCK BIPARTISANSHIP AND THE REPUBLICAN FORKED TONGUE IT SLID IN ON. They lost 2 elections in a row by a wide margin. Stop kissing their asses because they have no cachet. You'd be better off reaching out to the Greens and Libertarians and let's all of us together shoot that elephant dead once and for all.)

PS .... The OED is the greatest book ever written and if one insists on reading ONLY one book in their life (which I think is stupid, demented and pathological) then please, do the world a giant favor and make it the Oxford English Dictionary instead of that gory collection of ancient Hebrew myths and the re-working or the Osiris legend as told by the Holy Roman Emperor Constantine to keep an unwieldy empire in check. The OED is much more relevant and much less incendiary. Thank you for doing your part to make a better humanity.

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Pelmo said...

Why only the elephant, lets off the jack ass to.

Right now this administration looks like a three ring circus, with only the clowns performing.

I'm with you about the Greens and Libertarians.