Friday, February 13, 2009

Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors

I just don't want to see any more movies that leave me with no faith in humanity.

-- My Sister
We've been on a bad rental roll lately and I realized that all of the recent bad selections were set in New York and not so badly made as they were horrifically depressing and without a sense of redemption.
I know, I know; sometimes there is no redemption but anyway here is my list of horrible, rotten, depressing movies set in New York City. It is by no means exhaustive.

1. Raging Bull (This is probably my all-time least favorite movie. It makes me ill and gives me migraines. Screw Scorcese, Dinero and LaMotta for this over-rated piece of oscar-winning poo.)
5. 27 Dresses ( "Ugly" duckling secretary Katherine Heigl wears all of her old bridesmaid dresses at home alone while "fantasizing" about her boss, Her greatest talent is knowing all of the words to Bennie and the Jets. Depressing and nauseating. And also hypocritical, because Heigl accused Judd Apatow of sexism for Knocked Up -- which Heigl also starred in -- but this monstrosity truly is a sexist film. )
7. I Am Legend (okay, there is redemption in this one but by the time we got to it I was a puddle of twitching anxiety under the theater seat)

8. Cocktail (The wikipedia entry on this movie is somewhat amusing.)

10. Midnight Cowboy (excellent movie, but still)

And just because I'm a nice midwestern lady, here are a few movies set in New York that always make me feel cheery.
1. Elf
3. All That Jazz (I know, I know; it's about a successfully self-destructive pseudo-Fosse, but there is a sense of joyful redemption mixed with all of that regret and I love this movie.)
5. The Warriors (Not exactly cheerful but can you dig it???)
What are some of your most depressing or most cheering film selections?

(* I didn't actually see Bride Wars but the fact that it exists depresses me.)


changapeluda said...

i Loved Moonstruck, whatsa matter with you??

re: you comment,
otra ves:


La Sirena said...


Be well.

"Ma, I love him awful."

changapeluda said...

more like

"SNAP out of it!!"