Thursday, December 11, 2008


Evidently, selling a Senate seat is not considered a crime in the Blagojevich household.
(If this were the plot of a movie, I would call it ridiculous. Is being Governor of Illinois a prerequisite for attending the Federal Penitentiary? Jeez, Louise!)

Oh, and this was the frontpage of the Chicago Sun Times on July 17, 2008. You can see how popular Blago has been around here -- even the press was making fun of him for "getting tough on crime". And the Daley machine just loves to be called out in public. Ask Blago's father-in-law, Alderman Dick Mell, who gave testimony to Fitzgerald after Blago outed a dirty landfill contract Mell was "consulting" on -- with his nephew. Oh, and Patrick Fitzgerald is a piece of work to. He was nominated to his position as Federal Prosecutor of Northern IL by former Senator from IL, Peter Fitzgerald (no relation) at the request of "Hot" Karl Rove and has been slinging crap at practically every elected official ever since. See what I mean? If you made this a movie, you'd earn 2 well-deserved thumbs down for the story's utter impossibility.


Pelmo said...

Well don't you think our whole political system is one big comedy skit.

No matter wether a bit player or the star of the show, they all have us doubled over in laughter.

From local to national the whole system has become one big cess pool of corruption.

Butchie said...

Cook county should lift their ban on carrying handguns. There would be a bloodbath for a few weeks, but then it would be a much nicer place to live.

La Sirena said...

Let's send Fitzgerald to Washington to go after BushCo.

changapeluda said...

yeah and they don't call it the
"windy" city for nothin'!

hey i been waitin for your e-mail
and i see what you mean about the
IM hogs

La Sirena said...

Hey Changa -- I sent you an email. OMFG those guys are awful! I want to tell their mothers on them. eesh!

DAVE BONES said...

That guy should be arrested for his fringe

La Sirena said...

True -- the comedians have all been saying he's hiding more secrets in his hair.

La Sirena said...

True -- the comedians have all been saying he's hiding more secrets in his hair.