Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tuning in...

I need to tune into another psychic station for a few days, because the state of the world is so not good right now -- honestly, my state of mind isn't so good either. I haven't been feeling well. I am in the wrong line of work. And yet somehow, I feel like I'm on the cusp of figuring something important out -- if only I could break through that final layer of skin, rip off the scabs or something.

Also -- mermaids have very dramatic, passionate love lives but not such stable ones. This is mostly a result of personal choices with the occasional lifestyle consequence thrown in... some of us are not really cut out for domesticity. And don't ever let anyone shame you into being something you are not or wearing costumes that don't fit.

Pirates are sexy and roguish and best of all, impermanent. I am not stupid. I knew that ship would set sail eventually. In fact, I counted on it -- torn between the tight excited flush of eploration and the desire to return to the ocean floor to mull it all over.

Unraveleing a tangle of thoughts, sensations and emotions is a joy unto itself.


changapeluda said...

i don't know why &
you can't see it from where you are

but i am smiling at you right now.
a big ole sirena smile to beat the band.

it's one of those smiles fulla admiration, shared wisdom or
wise-assery and safekeeping (somehow)

La Sirena said...

Changa -- I get it, somehow.

Also, you've probably loved some pirates with your eyes wide open underwater, too.