Thursday, October 02, 2008

Do you really want to let the jokers in Washington burn your money bailing out Wall Street ?

Tell them to vote no on Bush's Bailout Scheme. We have to advocate for ourselves. Step up your game and contact your Representative now.


Pelmo said...

Jen just goes to show what I have been saying all along. It doesn't matter who is in charge, all either party thinks about is buttering the bread of those who fill their election coffers and their greedy pockets.

They added a few trinkets onto the billto make it look like they really cared about us.

The mental health, education and alternative energy add ons will get lost in the shuffle as we get squeezed out again.

Amazing how Lou Dobbs was the only guy to let Rep. Kapur on his show and let her share her views. No other news outlet even made mention of it.

In all my life I have never heard so much on how good this is for us or how quickly we must act to avert disaster.

La Sirena said...

You are right, Pelmo -- they are trying to feed us a giant crap sandwhich, as per usual.

Which is why we need to call our Reps and tell them "no Bailout!"

So many people called on Sunday and Monday, the first bill was defeated in the House. Most Reps are up for re-election in a few weeks.

Call your Representative,please.

JoeC said...

Burrrrrrrp! Mmmm, that $700 billion sh*t sandwich I had for lunch is starting to give me indigestion. So, like, BushCo dudes, when is the market going to go up? I guess maybe Monday.