Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Voter Fraud Watch Redux

Remember November 2000? In Florida, where W's brother just happened to be governor, all of those ballots marked Gore had to be thrown out and in violation of the US Constitution, the Supreme Court dubbed W. "the Decider".

Now it's 2008 and BushCo's fat cat friends don't want to give up their lucrative, thieving ways -- and dammit, McCain is old and it is his turn to be President. So in Michigan, the Republicans are once again attempting to use vote caging -- by using foreclosure lists to prevent hard hit Michigan citizens from voting.

Can you imagine the scene at the polls???
Hard-Working, Laid-Off, Tax-Paying Citizen Ruined By BushCo ("Citizen"): I'm John Q. Public. May I please have my ballot?
Heartless, Greedy, Unpatriotic Asshole GOP Election Judge ("Unpatriotic GOP Asshole"): Let me see... hmmmm.... I'm very sorry, Mr. Public. You won't be voting today.

Citizen: What do you mean? I've been coming to this polling place for 20 years!
Unpatriotic GOP Asshole: Yes. But you are no longer a homeowner in this area. You lost your home. You can't pay your bills. You don't get to vote.

Citizen: I lost my home because the factory where I've been working for the last 25 years moved to China. My heating bill tripled and my daughter developed leukemia from drinking polluted water. Now we rent an apartment in this precinct with another family. It's crowded, but at least our kids didn't have to change schools. Now, please hand me my ballot. Besides, property ownership is not a voting requirement. Does the GOP even know how to spell constitution anymore? (authors note: please see Constitutional Amendments 14, 15, 19, 24 and 26.)

Unpatriotic GOP Asshole: I am so sorry you've had such a hard time, but that hard time is precisely why you CAN'T vote. We simply don't trust that you will continue to be a loyal Republican and if we think you won't vote for McCain, you lose your right to vote.

And the Democrats, in a surprising and long overdue display of chutzpah, ARE ACTUALLY CHALLENGING THIS BEFORE THEY LOSE ANOTHER ELECTION. The Democratic National Committee is taking the GOP to court in Michigan and in Ohio, their Secretary of State has stricken the dubious vote caging policies put in place before the election in 2004 by her Republican predecessor.

Ohio Republicans are crying foul -- because today's Republican policy makers see a level playing field as a threat to their continued looting and tyranny. It is the only thing they see clearly these days. However, 2 Ohio "voters" are now suing Ohio for not weighting their votes more heavily, by throwing out the votes of others. Ohio Republicans are also attempting to challenge voters via foreclosure listings. Boy, those Republicans really put country first! Not! Actually, Republicans are trying to prevent homeless citizens (whose numbers have greatly increased during BushCo's tenure) from voting at all anywhere in the country. Now THAT'S compassionate conservatism and good, old fashioned patriotism. Sure, sure, sure!!!

Go, Obama, go! We're from Chicago and you can't trick us, you GOPpy, crappy, pansy, crybaby neocons. We INVENTED voter fraud back when your great-granddaddies were still getting pantsed at Andover and we reformed ourselves long before John McCain took bribes from Charles Keating during the Savings and Loan Scandal.

We are on to you crooks and you aren't getting away with it this time.


Pauly said...

Greg Palast would be proud. Nice article!

La Sirena said...

Ah, I should have credited him. Thanks!

JoeC said...

Great, well-linked article on a subject that seems to keep getting pushed to the back of the bus because it's so difficult for most of us Americans to admit we have a voting problem, even after overwhelming evidence points to two stolen elections. And still, machines will be used without a paper do you fight that? You just have to take the machine's word that the number it spits out is right.

La Sirena said...

Joe -- Thanks for the feedback. We're back on paper ballots in Chicago. The machines kept jamming and breaking.

I guess it takes community organizing (lol) and suing local boards of election to get back on paper ballots.

Of course, putting a stop to vote caging is a good place to start. I can't believe they're using foreclosure lists to challenge voters. It is such a wicked slap in the face.

Zoro said...

I really think that the likes of McCain and that other guy see themselves as clean, really really human saviours. Praise the lord!!

Yeeee haaaaa


La Sirena said...

I don't believe in saviours and I deeply distrust those who feel that they are.

But I don't think McCain especially or Cheney or Rove or Rumsfeld see themselves as saviors -- I think they see themselves as always needing more, more, more -- whatever the cost.

Maybe W. does, but personally, I think it's just an act.