Monday, August 11, 2008

"Never Can Say Goodbye"

Isaac Hayes passed away last night at the age of 65 and after 40 years of us grooving to his Hot Buttered Soul.

Isaac got his start as session player for Otis Redding at the legendary Stax Records in Memphis. He went on to record an impressive catalog of his own, spanning 5 decades.

He changed soul music with his deep jams and long, intricate interpretatioms of songs. He won an Oscar for composing and performing the music for Shaft.

Another generation got to know him and his Chocolate Salty Balls when he voiced the role of Chef on South Park. At times, Chef seemed to be the only sensible adult in that quiet little white-bred redneck mountain town -- although he would burst into song about making sweet love in irrelevant and inaapropriate situations. But I sometimes have that problem, too.

Eventually, Hayes left South Park -- although there seems to be some dispute as to the reason for his departure.

Hayes also left us some damned fine dirty grooves.

We'll miss you Isaac.

America, I can't believe it! Bernie Mac just up and left!

Bernie Mac, one of the original Kings of Comedy, creator and star of the Bernie Mac show , Ambassador of the City of Chicago and fellow White Sox fan, died of complications from sarcoidosis on Saturday.

Goodbye, Mr. Mac. America will miss you, too.

Oddly, both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes filmed a movie with Samuel L. Jackson before both passed away. The film, called Soul Men, is scheduled for release in November.


changapeluda said...

My sorta adopted cat Teeeeny Tiger was killing one of the neighbor's little black chickies so we brought it in and nursed it back to health - then it DIED, too!

Bernie - Isaac - little black chickie why? one weekeend - you all gotta die like that???

La Sirena said...

Death comes in 3s, no?

Sorry about your kitty.