Thursday, January 24, 2008

I awoke to the dulcet vocalizations of Van Morrison telling me that I'm sweet as Tupelo Honey on the clock radio. Turns out the DJ was being punny, because the temperature was 2 below zero downtown and even worse at my place which is a bit farther from the Lake. We had a temperature of negative four degrees farenheit
(-4 F) That's minus 20 (-20) on the celsius scale. Brrrrrrrrrr!!!!

I shuffled into the kitchen all crabby and creaky and as I was making our lunches noticed the most fantastic crimson, amber, violet and golden sunrise bouncing off the snow and the skyscrapers and the barenaked trees in 3D technicolor because of the cold, cold air and it was so magic.

I guess the winter has its pluses, too.


Jane said...

I saw the sunrise as well. People were calling in the radio about it. It is called an ice pillar and it was this bright orange, spectacular column that stretched from the earth to heaven. Almost made freezing worth while.

doctor chip said...


Chicago's too cold for me, at least after spending 8 years in the Florida Gulf Coast area.


I about froze my nads off when I was there in December to get my teeth fixed.

-speaking of which, if you're still interested in seeing that guy, click here.

this is the guy who did a root canal on me without anasthetic.

he says it's not always that way, but he's good, real good.

oh, and he's still accepting new patients.



Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

If you like Van Morrison (and all people of taste and style do, see, so you're included!) check out one of his most interesting songs -- it's really him talking -- called "Coney Island" from the album "Avalon Sunset". Very unusual, very emotional.

La Sirena said...

Mom, That's cool -- an ice pillar! I'm going to go google that now. One thing about my place in January and Novemeber I catch alot of sun rises while I'm getting ready for work.

DC, Thanks! I was thinking Oswego is too far away, but I guess the guy is talented.

Nigel, I love the Belfast Cowboy and I'll be sure to check out "Coney Island", because you clearly have good musical taste. You should check out Too Long in Exile, especially his covers of "Lonely Avenue" and "Moody's Mood".

changapeluda said...

colors like that seem so unreal in nature - where they are the Most Real, huh?

i don't like to be cold, gimme hot & sweaty any day.
also too what good mothers we are to be makin' lunches....(assuming the other lunch was for your boy)
but i knew i was a good mama when my son (oh once or twice while i was working On the house)made lunch fer me!

Kwiz said...
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La Sirena said...

Changadesnuda mi amor,

I think I hate the cold -- but in reality I love extremes and feeling tough because of them. The super- cold makes me love the super-hot and vice versa and both of those make May and October that much more Paradisical.

We are good Mamas (your assumption was correct) But if I hadn't stopped to make lunches I would have missed that sunrise. Jane (my mame and man, is she a good one) explained it better than I did -- the ice pillar looked like two golden flames shotting up and then bouncing off of everything.

What a sweet g-son you have!