Saturday, December 01, 2007

Fearless, Foolish Frivolity

I haven't completely lost consciousness. I am not sticking my head in the sand, but I have had to adjust perspective. You see, bad shit is happening because of my country and I am ashamed and sickened and saddened...and...and...

But what else can I say about that?

I still pay attention and contact my representatives and yell, scream, coerce and debate. But really, what else can I say about that. I feel like Cassandra screaming into a hurricane. Very, very bad shit is happening because of and within my country -- and I don't presume to compare the wussy miseries occurring within to the tragic blood-letting without, but the voodoo hoodoo hippie dilletante in me knows it's all connected like some global geopolitical version of reflexology. Just remember; we did not elect that sick, fascist fuck twice and that did not change any outcomes.

All of that being said anyway...frivolity...

I've decided to adopt the bullshit hoodoo voodoo hippie dilletante perspective of giving energy to that which is good and denying energy to that which really needed to disappear 8 years ago. I intend to project joy, gratitude, love and luck like some demented karmic Pollyanna in hopes that maybe THAT will work a little better than the bitching and testifying. That's probably a messed-up wrong-headed approach to generating joy, gratitude, love and luck, but I'm going to let form follow function in this case.

Here's to all of the love we make, break and take. Here's to the attending pain it comes with which reminds you love is bigger than sweetness and more love and luck to those who are too chicken to love and too candy-assed to get hurt.

Here's to the woods and all of those who protect them, as well as those who enjoy them.

Here's to being one lucky woman because I have so many I love, not to mention the greatest kid in the world.

Here's to my fat ass which keeps me warm and is an excellent, portable, ergonomic cushion.

Here's to the whiskey which fertilized this bullshit post.

Here's to getting kissed so deep, sweet and well the arches of your feet break out in a sweat.

And here's to you. Thanks for stopping by.


Pavel Chekov said...

I think you covered everything. You need to stop voting, though. The two-party system is a sham. They both work for the same people.

Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

Nah, don't stop voting. But Pavel is spot on: the two-party thing is mega crapola.

Vote for either the Socialists or the Libertarians.

Anonymous said...

Well, whatever you do, don't start talking about anything that may remotely sound like revolution because, well, that would just be awful if we did something unexpected and beautiful and dance-worthy like that. . .

La Sirena said...

The two party system is crap -- but I will not stop voting, even if the whole thing is just symbolic. Maybe we should throw a party, call it the Common Sensations or something.

Twit said...

Get a sex-change & call yourself 'Mary'.



Zoro said...

You mean like yang to yin Twit? And then just don't stop, don't ever stop.


La Sirena said...

Silly boys!!! Clearly, I write yin and clearly I am a woman. Have you read anything I've written?

Silly, silly boys...


Sweet dreams.

Twit said...

I love you whatever you are.

But I also have reason(s) for my doubt.

Parisian Cowboy said...

Loved that post.... and the picture in front of the "Hôtel de ville" (the townhouse) in Paris.

La Sirena said...

Twit -- What are these reasons? I'm intrigued (and frankly, a little bit insulted.)

LPC -- Thank you. I love that photo. It's a classic.

Jane said...

Gentle people, LaSirena is playing the "Glad Game". I am glad she is and I am glad that + energy is being spread over all the - activity creeping through this world. Love, Pollyanna

Pavel Chekov said...

wtf is a glad game?

Zoro said...

The glad game is to become deliberately sheltered from the twisting scimitar of sarcasm which behaviour appears to others as slightly gooey - hence "Polyanna". It invariably gets massacred by the blades that we are, who as a consequence of giving Sirena a good mauling, restore her back to the pedestal or perch from which she has just recently slightly slipped:

This comment is patently untrue of course.


La Sirena said...

The Glad Game is when you count your blessings while doing or putting up with something horrible so that you don't lose your mind or your perspective. My mother made us play it as children.

I'm glad I have a good mom.

Zoro said...

Hi jen - my thought was that "Glad Game" was a euphemism: shows that I have a slightly devious mind - I relate to the 'large loving family' theme of your mum's - I have three kids and a wife I have adored for 20 years. They forgot to tell me that the nuclear family is anathema, thankfully!


JoeC said...

" energy to that which is good and denying energy to that which really needed to disappear 8 years ago." Spot-on translation of what I've been feeling lately. And, I'm glad to find out it's called "The Glad Game." I'd been thinking this attitude was probably already defined as Zen mind or a form of Buddhism, or something, but the Glad Game just fits it better than any other phrase. Wonderful words you got here, and even better ideas behind them!

La Sirena said...

Z -- I like the idea of "The Glad Game" as a euphemism. I'll bet your family is lovely and ... internesting. ;~) Actually, our extended family is pretty tight, too -- in fact, downright tribal.

Hey, Joe! I'm sure there is some kind of Buddhist principle with a more fluid and cerebral-sounding name, but I agree. "The Glad Game" is a fittingly silly name.

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