Wednesday, November 28, 2007


strobe light massacre spasms sparking metal friction fictions whine while bodies surge anonymous, unyielding and assaulting my perimeter
cats and cold, computers and christmas and wars
breakdowns, meltdowns, shakedowns and overdrawn again
some one's smearing bengay in my sinuses
some one's shish-kabobing my temples
sledgehammering railroad spikes through my scapula
i want it to stop
escape into the weeping november fields the abandoned woods where bodies wash up
or stick in clumps of river brush and maple babies
underneath the airtight bridge
build me a log cabin,
but no I couldn't bear the splintering thwack of the axe violating logs
lets' crawl into a tipi and make out
until the icy rain lets up


Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

I once had a head that did ache
My forehead I thought it would break
So I took some pills
For my cranial ills
And then said: fuck this, let's have a goddamm drink and quick smart about it, too.

(I was never good at the last line of these things.)

Seriously--is your head hurting? I can very much relate. If so, please feel better.

La Sirena said...

I like your poem. fuck this, let's have a goddamn drink is usually a nice way to wrap things up.

I have had an intermittent almost-migraine for a couple of days. I just drank a bunch of water and ate a yogurt, which seems to be helping a bit. Thanky for the concern.

Pelmo said...

I just might get to like poetry.

La Sirena said...


Twit said...

Now sniff my Deek.


La Sirena said...


You are quite cryptic today -- or I'm slow on the uptake, perhaps. I'm completely confused by all of your sniffing.

Deek Deekster said...

sniff? i had a really bad headache today..