Monday, November 05, 2007

I had a really cool dream yesterday in which I had to convince my younger sister – who was 5 in the dream even though I was my own age – to come inside and go to kindergarten. I eventually brought her into the classroom and then played with her while she got to know the teacher and she was giggling when the bell rang, but I realized I was late and had to be across the building. I was hauling this suitcase on wheels through my old elementary school and walked down the final hallway and found myself in this technicolor amusement park/ water park/ train station/ university. I was trying to walk up some planks to a ship to take a fabulous voyage, but I couldn't get my luggage up the walkways. People tried to help, but I realized I couldn't bring the baggage and anyway it wasn't time for me to leave it just yet. Then everyone broke out into a show-stopping full chorus rendition of "Karma Chameleon" which included their costumes and the trees turning from red to gold to green at the appropriate point in the song. Then I boarded a giant magical raft with a bunch of people. We were being shipped to an island to study Advanced Techniques, Concepts and Random Silliness. I strapped my bag behind me and leaned into the water which sprayed over me and everyone else in a very fun way. The guy next to me and I were laughing – but some of the people behind us were scared and thought we were crazy – and we felt so FREE and happy. When we disembarked we were led to a martial arts/ meditation field and were handed our scrolls to study and our school robes which looked like posh velour bathrobes. Then I woke up.


Pavel Chekov said...

Why can't I have dreams like that? I want some of what you're on.

Zoro said...

Perhaps you are the person of your dreams? Perhaps you are...


La Sirena said...

PC -- It was a delicate mixture of Spanish wine, Canadian whiskey and Tylenol PM. But I've always had weird dreams.

Z -- Perhaps...

Pelmo said...


1. LaSirena would not be allowed to wake up until there was a satifatory conclusion to her weird dreams.

changapeluda said...

that post OMG i love it As it best describes a trip to San Francisco (state university) and my joy while i was there (the Sublime kinda joy) and also: G. has a red velour robe that i let my little son lay on in my big son's cool little studio way on top of a steep-ass hill that the rolling strollie and the backpacks didn't want to climb, either.


am i reading tooo too much into our synchroniciticiouness, or what???
i LOVE it, i tell ya

La Sirena said...

Pelmo -- I can't help it. I need to work nights.

Changa -- I love it, too!

doctor chip said...


I've had that exact same dream myself.

dozens of times.

well, except for the
"Karma Chameleon" part.
Boy George is too gay for me.




La Sirena said...

Hey Doctor Chip,

Boy George is too gay for himself!

That's why he calls himself bisexual.

"If I want sex, I have to buy it."
-- Boy George