Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Bush Is Not Our President

"Because, Mr. Bush, in the seven years of your nightmare presidency, this whole string of events has been transformed.

"From its beginning as the most neglectful protection ever of the lives and safety of the American people ... into the most efficient and cynical exploitation of tragedy for political gain in this country's history ... and, then, to the giddying prospect that you could do what the military fanatics did in Japan in the 1930s and remake a nation into a fascist state so efficient and so self-sustaining that the fascism would be nearly invisible.
"But at last this frightful plan is ending with an unexpected crash, the shocking reality that no matter how thoroughly you might try to extinguish them, Mr. Bush, how thoroughly you tried to brand disagreement as disloyalty, Mr. Bush, there are still people like Daniel Levin who believe in the United States of America as true freedom, where we are better, not because of schemes and wars, but because of dreams and morals.
"And ultimately these men, these patriots, will defeat you and they will return this country to its righteous standards, and to its rightful owners, the people. "


Pelmo said...

Bush may not be the president of and for the people. And only one more year of his antics.

But the sad part of this tale is, what do we have to look forward to in the next four years?

Don't say it's better then Bush.Because that isn't saying much about the next one.

La Sirena said...

The sad part is, it IS better than Bush. I'm not sure we can survive another year of him. He's bound and determined to lead us into Iran now.

And I am concerned that he won't leave. I'm afraid he'll invoke that fascist Emergency Executive Powers thingie he put through in the 11th hour last year.

If we want to restore any kind of balance to government and temper some of this senseless bloodletting, he and Cheney have to be impeached.

I better go write my Congressman about it again so he can completely ignore me again.

Pelmo said...

Just like true Americans, all our politicians have become bored with the war in Iraq and are looking for a new war and who better then Iran.

Look at all the money we would save on travel expenses. We are there allready.

Listen carefully to the Democrats. They are spouting off quite a bit about Iran and it is quite hawkish. I couldn't believe what General Clark was saying on Bill Maher a few weeks back.

La Sirena said...

Let's fire all of them!

(FYI -- I am only a "Democrat" when there is a Bush in charge. Otherwise, I go way left to help keep balance in the Republic. And I generally eschew the major parties.)