Monday, October 29, 2007

The Strange Luck of Captain Burrito

In other weird weekend news, the kid won a burrito-eating contest (it was a fund-raiser for a local college). Yup! My baby scarfed his burrito down quicker than any of the other contestants and won himself 52 burritos. I'm so proud.


Pelmo said...

Now if it was a sliders, you could have really been proud of him.

La Sirena said...


I do have to admit, however, that I was intrigued as to which part of Pelmo would win out in this situation? Would your inner bargain-hunter triumph in the face of 52 free meals, or would your disdain of Mexican cuisine defeat any and all takers?

It's hard to be complicated, don't you think?

La Sirena said...

I should also add that the kid did some intense calculating before entering. He reasoned that the entry fee (which was going to charity) was fifty cents less than buying a burrito at said establishment and that all who entered the contest received a coupon for half off an entree just for playing.

And then he won first prize in his group, so he really came out ahead.

I think you might be rubbing off on him in a good way.

Pelmo said...

Being Lithuanian isn't so bad afterall. Neither is knowing one.

Burrito aside, I am so proud of that lad. It's nice to see him use that sphere on top of his shoulders for something besides a hatrack.

La Sirena said...

Actually, I think it's pretty good to know a certain Lithuanian.

Pavel Chekov said...

The house must have smelled wonderful for the next two days.

Pelmo said...

Thank you.