Friday, October 19, 2007

Rule of Law

You Fit Into Me

You fit into me
like a hook into an eye
a fish hook
an open eye

Twit is my inspiration. Go see his original which spawned this hellion.


changapeluda said...

like the mens over @ the juke joint says to shug avery in the color purple:
"you can catch a fish without a hook."

sorry to spook so easily
but in another amazing coinkadink: this morning while we were watching one two firetruck three four firetruck, i've already seen it ;0]
so i was reading your Mercury Retrograding Post again

and i looked over to notice the credits. The actress that plays the little girl with the cheesy kidvid dialogue,
Her name?!?!

just like that. Mercury Mutha Fuckin eeeeerie if you ask me.

La Sirena said...

A good woman CAN catch a fish without a hook. But didn't they mean she was so hot she could catch any man she wanted without even trying?

Maia's a good name. I love when that synchronicity happens.

Today I am a fish with my eyes wide open.

I.:.S.:. said...

Where did you get that picture from??

twit said...

The pic kinda reminds me of some of Giger's work.

La Sirena said...

Dearest Twit, Never heard of Giger, so I thankee for the reference. Heady stuff. See more below.

Darling I(punctuation)S(more of same),
I did a google image search of "self mutilation" and the image popped up around page 3 ish. It is a piece by Chen Chieh-Jen. What I gather from the web page is he photo-shopped real news images from violent, turbulent revolutionary times in Taiwan -- late 70s through early 90s. My plan is to read the document and possibly blog about it. But please, go to the source by Joyce C. H. Liu.

twit said...

I am holding Sirena hostage.

I want 5 Million Dophins in used tampons delivered to my mind in 8.616 seconds or the pussy gets it!


changapeluda said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
La Sirena said...

Hurry! I think he means it.

Yeah, me too.
Let's not talk about what kind of fountain.

I.:.S.:. said...

Yeah it looked really familiar but unsettlingly different. Congo, I thought.

twit said...

I wish to be clear about something:

My comment(MY 3rd here) was not, & I repeat, categorically & emphatically, not about me being 'credited' or not.

Let's get real here; the idea that we should have to list our influences (& that's all I was to you) every time we make a post is nothing less than absurd. I find it embarrassing to be even talking about it, to be completely honest.
But I digress..

My comment was fundamentally about the subtle incongruities in your interactions with me & what that behaviour suggested to me.

That is all (in a rather pompous nutshell).

Ok, I'm done.
Time for my meds.

La Sirena said...



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