Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mercury Retrograde Is Kicking My Ass

Ahhh... Mercury. You magnetic, relative planet moving as quickly and erratically as the messenger god you were named for.

What the planet rules (astrologically speaking) is very similiar to the qualities of the god. And when a planet is retrograde, all that it rules gets a bit skewed. So during Mercury Retrograde you'll see more car accidents (transportation), there are often problems with telephones and computers (communication), and we all seem to be wandering around mucking things up and acting generally as if all of our synapses are not firing properly (wit).

You generally do not want to sign a contract during a Mercury Retrograde. Often something will go wrong. It's also a bad idea to start a relationship during MR, as it will most likely crumble quickly. Conversely, break-ups initiated during MR rarely stick -- which is fortunate, since at this time many couples have bitter disagreements due to miscommunication.

Good luck, gentle readers. This will be over on November 1st (All Saints Day).


Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

The only "mercury rising" I really like to see is the thermometer, summertime, when I get to flop around in my pool!

La Sirena said...

mermaids like swimming

changapeluda said...

when did this start???

AhhhhK! I fell in love with SuziBlu last week. I don't want it to crumble!

She's crazy groovy just like me so we might just be the exception to the rule....and it's all out in cyberspace anywayze so is the retrograde even That far-reaching??
please say no, I luv her somethin' awful.

word verification: saiil

changapeluda said...

check her out.
she's lovely.

word verification: neooywia

La Sirena said...

Relaje, it didn't happen until sometime on Friday the 12th -- but yes, it affects cyber-space SO MUCH. The freaking internet hardly ever works precisely during MR.

OK -- I was probably being a wee bit extra dramatic when I wrote this post b/c as I said, this MR is kicking my ass. It isn't that a new love will crumble, it's just important to remember that what you plan for during a mercury retrograde will most likely not turn out the way you planned it.

It is an excellent time to dream, however.

SuziBlu's site is QUITE. I look forward to reading more. She's also completely gorgeous.


I.:.S.:. said...

Mercury/Hermes also the god of blogging.

I.:.S.:. said...

word verification: ztodtek!

what is the name for divination by word verification test?

La Sirena said...

Naturally he rules blogging, too. Also, I like that so many cultures have a Mercury - type in their pantheon: Eshu Ellegua, Oghma, Saraswati, Angel Gabriel, etc., etc., (that was a narrow list).

I don't know the name for divination via word verification. Does one exist? Shall we invent one? Something like random cyber logomancy? Or maybe Secured Blogomancy? Look at this goofy page.