Thursday, July 26, 2007

Yoko Ono...

(...or, when I grow up I want to be a feminist performance artist.)

Once upon a time, John Lennon was visiting a gallery where Yoko was exhibiting her art. One of her pieces consisted of an apple placed on top of a ladder. John climbed the ladder and took a bite of the apple. Yoko thought that was wonderful and they began talking. Eventually, they got married and invited the press into their honeymoon suite to talk about peace.

Stand in the evening light until you become transparent or until you fall asleep.
1961 Summer

Yoko is often painted as some ball-busting, divisive and talentless bitch who bore the sole responsibility for breaking up the Beatles. Yeah, right. God created the Beatles and Yoko split them up -- however the Beatles had been splitting up artistically at least since Rubber Soul. It is very obvious whose work is who's. Frankly, I think this inner tension makes for significantly better music, but I sincerely doubt that the Beatles would have stayed together even if John and Yoko had never met.

(I find the reaction that many men have to Yoko Ono -- unbridled, irrational hatred and bile -- very interesting. Of course, by interesting, I mean chauvinist.)

Hammer a nail in the center of a pieceof glass. Send each fragment to an arbitrary address.
1962 Spring

Ultimately, I see Yoko Ono as a woman who has had a profound effect on cultural perceptions of art and the role of the artist. Her work is very internal and you have to digest it slowly. I think she's finally being recognized as she deserves. In the last decade she's done a few retrospective shows which were widely lauded.

And having attained the rich vintage of 74, she's still performing. The kid got some footage of her at the Pitchfork Music Festival. I wish I could have filmed his description of her show, complete with the audience flashing penlights at her interactive concert event. It was like meeting Yoko all over again to hear it from the sardonic perspective of a saavy adolescent.

When I'm in my 70s, I hope to be able to pull off a minidress and a new act half as well.

Imagine the clouds dripping.Dig a hole in your garden to put them in.
1963 Spring

All of the pink segments are from Grapefruit, by Yoko Ono.


twit said...

She has had a raw deal over the years.

Chauvinist & maybe even racist..?

I just know that John Lennon loved her.
Beyond that, I'm not really in a position to comment.
Only that I've heard that he treated her rather badly at times - which he admitted ¦:¬|

La Sirena said...

She has been portrayed unfairly, and I do think it's probably racist as well as sexist.

I think she was much more than John Lennon's wife and is much more than his widow. (Although, I do think it takes a certain personality to be a rock star and a certain personality to be the spouse of a rock star -- and I don't have those certain personalities.)

I really like John Lennon, too.

changapeluda said...

I am freaking the fuck out right now because I was just over at Buff My Scrotum's and I left a comment...a meandering one that left me wondering why do I tell Shmeggy these I scroll down and find your comment about the wedding cakes and I was all,
"Who dat?!?!" So I clicked on over to here and WTF?

Yoko motherfucking Ono! I was just going on & on about her to BuFF my Scrotum guy.

What a coinkydink...
I know this sounds whacky but what the hell & thought it was a trip....
Also: you are so going into my favourites....

Also about the racist thing:
I once was lost but now I'm found and all that jazz....

La Sirena said...

What's a changapeluda? A hairy gig?

Thanks for stopping by. I love synchronicity -- it's like god highlighter -- pay attention, foolish mortal, this is important.

We all have prejudice. I think it's part of our puzzle or whatever or whatnot. What do I know, really?