Monday, July 16, 2007

of Montreal and etcetera

Yesterday, I saw of Montreal at Pitchfork Festival. What an amazing band!

Go to their website and listen to their music. Go right now as it is melodic, dramatic and highly danceable. (There is more music and some video on their MySpace page.)

Then, keep looking at their website. Watch their tour locations AND GO SEE THEM PERFORM LIVE. Darth Vadar, leather bustiers, interpretive dancers/ performance artist, gian absurd prosthetic appendages -- pop sugar psychodrama -- these are just some of the fabulous visual comfittes awaiting you at their live show.

And to all of my gentle readers in Europe, go to that touring schedule ASAP! They will be coming to a stage near you through July and into early August.

Here are some lyrics from Suffer for Fashion:

We just want to emote til we're dead
I know we suffer for fashion
or whatever
we dont' want these days to ever end
we just want to emasculate them forever
forever, forever
pretty sirens don't go flat

it's not supposed to happen like that
not like that
not like that
not like that
we've got to keep it physical

(Oh, and I also saw my old favorites De La Soul -- freaking amazing!!! They put on a very infectious, energetic and interactive show.)


Jesus Toast said...

The song for the Outback commercials sounds like Of Montreal.

La Sirena said...

As in the chain steak house?

changapeluda said...

Jennifer oh Jenny!
I still have the cassette....
I can't throw it away. As soon as I buy some "C" batteries for my little tape recorder!!!
I'm gonna play it.

La Sirena said...

Oh, sister! My real name is Jennifer and that CD came out when I was 16 and the boys used to sing it to me in the hall.

I've been 3 cassettes over the years. My son just uploaded the whole thing onto I-tunes. What a good kid! I'm listening right now.

You know what, watching them perform that night -- I would still hang with them. I feel like we've matured together.

changapeluda said...

too weird w/the coinky sync.

I was gonna say something about potholes in my lawn but i did the jennifer oh jenny instead....then i scrolled up and grinned at your really being Jennifer....ha ha ha

Changapeluda is hairy monkey mom used to call me that when i was little.
now my longhaired little hippy sunshine boy:
i call him changopeludo or Pop-pops. Or my LoveGuy.