Friday, July 13, 2007

"Lucky, Lucky, We're All Lucky!"

Happy Friday the 13th. I say happy, because I don't suffer from frigging triskaidekaphobia. This anti-13 attitude was drummed up by early christian xenophobes of the Roman Empire to discredit the nature religions (your basic Proto-Indo-European religion, such as that practiced by the Druids). 13 is a number sacred to the goddess, because there are approximately 13 moon cycles in a year. 13 is also the age of maturity in Judaism.

And 13 is a lucky number in mathematics.
It is also my personal lucky number, because sometimes I'm just contrary.


Pelmo said...

I will drink to that.

Are those jumbled letters below some kind of psychological test?

And the question of the day, am I passing it, if it is?

La Sirena said...


Yes, for computer-generated internet sales.

It depends. ;~)

Bostick said...

Yes. I know about the entire 13 thing. During the black death of the middle ages it was a part of the propaganda and the 'blood liable' in the killing of jews. Those crazy Christians will blame the Jews for anything.

It is also a big part of the Masons creed.

Zoro said...

Alphabet letter 13 is "M" signifying marijuana or mary-jane, a letter purported to be worn by Hell's Angels on their jackets signifying their allegiance to the spirit of the plant cannabis sativa.


JoeC said...

My older sister's birthday is July 13, and she was born on a Friday to, understandably, she felt Friday the 13s were always lucky, and understandably, I always believed they were very unlucky :-) (Just joking; it's actually been good luck that I have a sister as cool as her.)

La Sirena said...

Bostick -- Hahahaha, that was freaking funny. I try to avoid the Masons, however they are omnipresent and probably totally spying on this message.

Zoro -- Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Joe -- Your sister sounds very lucky. ;~) My grandpa was born on Friday the 13th, too.

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