Thursday, June 21, 2007

Summer Solstice Song

(images lifted from astronomy picture of the day -- layout likely inspired by twit)


Pelmo said...

At a loss for words when you see pictures like that.

twit said...

Oh per-lease!
I can't really be credited for the invention of placing one-*unting-pic over another.........?
I'm not a frikken' charity-case!
(I'm sorry but it just seems wrong)

Or are you just angling for a bit of Twit-cock, you dirty fish!


Cool pics anyway (today has been a weird one).

Peace, sister.

La Sirena said...

Pelmo -- I know. It was hard to choose, too. You should check out the apod site I have linked at the bottom of the post.

Twit -- Sor-REE!

I don't know what I'm angling for...
(mona lisa smile)

JoeC said...

Son...I mean sun-worshiping Pagans! ;-)

Seriously, those are some really awesome photos.

La Sirena said...

Thanks, Joe! That apod site is great! I recommend checking it out.