Monday, May 21, 2007

Sex on the Brain

Tomorrow is "Abstinence Day" in the U.S. On this day, the Bible-Thumpers gather from all corners to persuade Congress to flush tons of money into failed and scientifically false sex ed programs. These programs proclaim that condoms and birth control don't work -- only abstinence and speaking in tongues will protect you from STDs, pregnancy and Satan.

This sexual education theory was entirely disproved by a federally-funded study, which found that students participating in an abstinence only "education" program began having sex at the same time as their peers. Abstinence only programs did not motivate students to reduce the number of partners they had, either.

(It has also been anecdotally reported by those kids who join the Silver Ring Thing that they have just as much sex as their peers, although they tend to opt for oral and anal exchanges without any kind of protection. WWJD? The ACLU is currently suing the SRT for taking federal dollars in order to disseminate false and misleading information regarding the ineffectiveness of condoms.)

But tomorrow the Radical Fundamental Evangelical Crew will be praising the lord and passing the ammunition. They are going to call Congress to try and persuade them funnel more dollar(they've already received 1.5 billion for this lunacy) into their useless programs of social engineering, as if our nation weren't facing more pressing concerns such as war, a real estate crash, environmental crises, poverty, etc., etc., etc.

So it's up to us to take action and email Congress and remind them that most of us our sane and we know teenagers get horny and might have sex. We want them armed with the facts -- not erroneous fire-and-brimstone bullshit.

I say this as the mother of a teenager and a former Catholic school girl. I suffered under abstinence-only programs taught by both convicted and rumored child-molestors.

And you know what the Red Hot Chili Peppers said about Catholic school girls:
The good books says we must suppress
The good books says we must confess
But who cares what the good books says
Cause now she's taking off her dress
Catholic school girls rule...

So please, write your Representative in Congress today.


Pelmo said...

Don't these people ever learn. Enough on rules and regulations, and special days. People are going to do what they have done for thousands of years and special gimmicks will never work.

parisian cowboy said...

That's sad...

La Sirena said...

Pete & PC: Yes indeed to both of you.

Check out my word verification... spayd q y

Laurie said...

I wish I had some sex to abstain from. :)

Molly said...

sorry I didn't catch this post earlier, because I would have made May 22 "Fuck Up A Radical Evangelical Day"

...christ I hate this fucking country these days.

La Sirena said...

Hey Laurie, I just now saw your comment and I know what you mean...

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