Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Friday night, Lena the cat had 4 kittens -- 2 on my feet. The kitties are healthy and living under the bed and generally mewling loudly except when they have a nipple in their mouth. The morning after they were born Lena brought them out one-by-one in a sort of show off the kittens parade. They are: a tuxedo who looks just like Kiddo, a grey/black tabby, an offbeat calico like her, and the runt is white with a copper tail.

I'll post pictures when their eyes open. Back to your regulary scheduled Sirena tomorrow.


Woodlandmama said...

I so wish I could have the calico. I've wanted one all my life. Damn, the Maillards and their hereditary allergies.

La Sirena said...

They can't help being Maillards.

I've lived with calico's and find them to be either the coolest or bitchiest cats going. But then, Fat Lena just moved in over the Holidays and she's pretty cool. She's kind of a modified calico because she' kind of a rusty butterscotch and smoke spltoches/patches on white.

La Sirena said...
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