Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Yesterday, a one and a half year old coyote was in the Loop -- the concrete and skyscraper center of Chicago -- and feeling hungry, stopped at Quizno's for a hot prime rib sub. The sandwich staff was quite surprised and not understanding the coyote language, started jumping up on counters and fleeing the premises. The coyote was frightened by such an overreaction to his simple request and climbed into the stainless steel cave with all of the pretty bottles. Maybe his mommy would find him there.

When people I know die, they often send me a coyote. Usually, the wild canine will run alongside of my car when I'm passing through the country. I think it means my loved one has made it safely to the other side. Yesterday, my childhood friend Noreen was waked and today she was buried. It was very creative and of her to send the coyote to Quizno's, so he would appear on the news and I would be sure to promptly get her message.


Pelmo said...

Very nicely put.

La Sirena said...


JoeC said...

That's awesome...another bit of interconnectedness on display.

La Sirena said...

Quantamly, so.

I also like it when nature breaks through and adapts to our human constructs. (Does anyone else think it's weird to be walking around on 6 feet of concrete all the time?) I generally resent having to participate in the expectations of the dominant social paradigm, and little things like a coyote in Quiznos seems like a positively revolutionary moment.