Sunday, April 01, 2007


I’ve been feeling the need to make some massive changes in my life. After much contemplation, here is the plan:

I’m turning in my feminist credentials. I don’t know why I’ve wasted so much time trying to insure equal pay for myself, when clearly the world is designed on a merit system and the white – skinned male is its most oppressed minority.

Since it was Ann Coulter who showed me the error of my ways, it’s time I confessed that I have a massive crush on her. I want to run my fingers over her painfully well-defined skeleton. I’m buying a snub-nose .44 so I can impress her with my straight shooting, take-charge attitude and general blood lust.

I want to whisper “Liberal” in her ear until she prays to me in public schools. I want to give her 27 cents of every dollar I earn. I want to buy us matching Mickey Mouse sweatshirts and skip through Disney World, holding hands but never marrying – because that would undermine the entire institution of marriage, help the terrorists win and cause all bibles to simultaneously, spontaneously combust. (And the bible is the best book ever written – and really, the only book worth reading.)

No, sadly I can never marry Ann Coulter – but once I quit working with schizophrenics and start working for the prison lobby (we need to lock up those unemployed scumbags), I will then be able to buy Ann her dream home in Celebration, Florida – Disney’s planned community.

Once we’ve set up house in Celebration, Ann will start spelling her name correctly – with an “e” at the end. She will put her hair in hot rollers and style it big so it fluffs out under her cartwheel hat. (She’s tall. She can pull off a cartwheel hat.) She’ll layer frothy crinolines under her wide, feminine skirts because she knows I enjoy the way they set off the severe lines of her chicken legs. She’ll throw away her suits and stop writing, because once I’ve rescued her from the horrible fate of an unloved woman she won’t be forced to work in the media anymore like some common slut. She’ll stay home, keeping my house, cooking me nutritious meals of pork and buying me the very best scotch with my fat prison profits.

After all, someone has to be the man.

(Enjoy the day.)


Pelmo said...

Invite me over when you pop open that GOOD Scotch. I know exactly what to do with it.

Jane said...

April Fool's to you too.

JoeC said...

Hahaha. Ann "chicken legs" Coulter domesticated. I love it. It would be fitting if her poster-for-conservative-hypocrits became the pin-up for females who prefer same sex partners. I'm guessing those females have better taste than to want to stare at Coulter, though.

La Sirena said...

Pelmo, When Ann(e) starts keeping house for me, we'll invite you over for the GOOD scotch.

Thanks, Ma.

Joe -- I imagine some lesbians might find her attractive, but she REALLY needs to eat something. My completely biased non-professional diagnosis is that she's anorexic. She's such a misogynist, I think she should be forced to live by her own vitriolic rhetoric.

La Sirena said...

PS -- My 14 y.o. son read this entry and:

a)said, "So your April Fool's prank is pretending to be a lesbian?"

b) Put up an entry on his facebook page (complete with photos) telling all of his classmates and cousins that he broke his ankle.

twit said...

I'd like to do her up the *** until it ****..

..while s********* her.

Then & only then, would I bother finding out who she was.

I kill me ;¬|

La Sirena said...

It's just an April Fool's gag -- don't kill yourself! :-)

twit said...

ok then