Wednesday, January 10, 2007

We Can't Just Keep Standing By

Besides pissing all over the Constitution he has sworn to protect, W has been conducting his War on Terror with complete disregard for the Geneva Conventions -- some examples include the tortures conducted at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Grahib. Isn't this a prosecutable offense before the World Court? Here is yet another example of Bush's belief that he is above judgement:

January 9: The Bush Regime murders 27 civilians in Somalia. Read this article from the Washington Post.

The Fourth Geneva Convention:Part III, discusses "Protected Persons" or civilians. According to this, if you drop powerful bombs on large cities in order to kill 2 people you believe to be involved in an embassy attack, you know you are going to kill maim and render homeless many innocent civilians. (You don't use a chainsaw to remove a splinter.) These innocent civilians are "protected persons" according to the Geneva Convention, therefore bombing Mogadishu, Somalia was yet another Bush violation of the rules of engagement. He ordered the unlawful murder of 27 people and they are unable to confirm if they even got the 2 guys they were supposed to be after. In an even greater violation of the Fourth Convention, the airstrike attack on Somalia was justified by the Bush Regime because of their belief that the Islamic Courts government elected by Somalis was protecting the 2 men. Note that the intelligence W has used to justify military attacks in the past has been incorrect, if not entirely fabricated. (And don't forget that Bush is invading Somalia in conjunction with Eithiopa, in an attempt to take the government away from the Somali Muslims and hand it over to the Eithiopians.)

May lightning please strike him when he appears on tv tonight asking for more billions of dollars and the sacrifice of 10,000 more US troops and therefore the sacrifice of innumerable Iraqi lives -- and most likely Irani lives and Somali lives, etc., infinitum.

May the Democratic Legislature grow some teeth, deny him his expansion of his war and demand US departure from Iraq.

And tomorrow evening, may all of us here in the US take some responsibility for this fiasco by taking to the streets in vast numbers. Attend one of the numerous rallies or vigils planned for tomorrow evening to express our refusal to allow this man any more murder, mayhem, or money on our dime and in our name. Here are some of the rallies planned in and around Chicago. All of them are planned for tomorrow, Thursday, January 11.(You can also go to the link and enter your zip code for rallies in other parts of the US.)

  • Federal Plaza, Dearborn and Adams @ 4 pm from Code Pink (Women for Peace)
  • Austin Ave. & the Ike off ramp (Oak Park) @ 7:30 AM
  • Foster and Clark @ 7:00 PM
  • Ridge Ave. and Church St. (Evanston) @ 6:00 PM (from MoveOn and C.P.)
  • Main St. and Duane (Glen Ellyn) @ 6:00 PM
  • University of Chicago, Bartlett Quad @ 5:30 PM

(Check out this photo essay by William Thomas. "Unnecessary Losses".)


Jane said...

It makes you wonder how they could ever do anything but hate the US.

La Sirena said...

I know. It makes me feel sad and conflicted. My mother raised be to be the kind, nurturing type.

Anonymous said...

If the democrats could pull themselves away from prancing in front of the TV cameras and admiring how cute they look. And would rather spend the time running the country, shit like this wouldn't be happening.

La Sirena said...

Yeah, I sent out some emails as a concerned constituent.