Saturday, December 30, 2006

You Call This A Civilization?

They quickly tried and sentenced Saddam Hussein in the court of the nation he ruled -- out of the international court, where he might get an impartial trial and the sins of the Bushes would be exposed. They hanged him. They dropped him down a chute, so we couldn't see the truth on his face. Then they televised it.

More Iraqi citizens have died during the 3+ year US occupation than during the 30+ year Hussein regime.

More Americans have died in Iraq than died on 9/11.

Remember the adage, "What goes around comes around"?
Does the thought of the justice awaiting W cause him to tremble?
I doubt it -- but it makes me tremble.


twit said...

Excellent post.

Happy New Year.

La Sirena said...

Ah, thanks Twit. Happy New Year to you!

Anonymous said...

Nice rant Jennifer - even over here people frown when anyone defends the old Iraqui regime and its leader, makes me kinda proud to know so million people are infact WRONG!!


Anonymous said...

May I add your blog to my links?

La Sirena said...

HD -- Of course, you can link to me. I'm going to do the same...

Thanks for your vote of confidence...however, I do want to say that my position is/was not pro/Saddam, so much as completely flabberghasted and horrified as to how the whole deal went down -- esp. the public hanging and the kangaroo court trial of a national leader. I'm disgusted that Bush lied to us, invaded Iraq, committed treason by outing CIA ops who were trying but unable to help him find WMDs. He then created a powerful insurgency by stupidly installing a bunch of fresh-faced college campaign workers to the complicated business of reorganizing a proud and ancient civilization of people***, continuing to put US military in danger without a reason or a plan that he is willing to discuss publicly, spending gajillions but not providing the military with available protections like armored transport or body armor, but making certain to spend a bajillion dollars on fat useless contracts to his cronies, etc., etc.,

I guess I'm just Anti-Bushocracy. They are a scary family acting as the scary package for a whole gang of slimy, heartless devils. Saddam Hussein may have been a blood thirsty dictator, but there simply weren't as many murders on his head, and I find it highly suspect that he was tried in Iraq.

Anyway, I've blasé - blahed enough.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sorting - alot of what I do is pro Saddam (a little late now sadly)just a vehicle to attack North Atlantic meddling in the middle east. 4 years ago i was sure that deposing Saddam would cause more deaths than the number he got 'punished' for. To be frank I saw good in him too. Same way i spoke out about global warming 30 years ago - i've wasted enough time on the species, i'm very disappointed.

Up and away!!


La Sirena said...

It's never fun to be Cassandra. Poor HD!

You have piqued my curiosity. I may have to do some studying.