Sunday, December 17, 2006

The apartment has become unbearable -- it's gone from flotsam and jetsam to the city's largest landfill.

In a suprising move, the kid suddenly got motivated to start sorting through all of the stuff. So not only is the place getting cleaned up, but he has been amusing me with The Bizarre Odds 'N Ends Fashion Show. So far this has included The Hip Rocker (his dark jeans, a ribbed sleeveless tee, topped with a black and brown pinstriped vest), Eighties Suburban Guy (a Girbaud tee, and really light/tight/high-waisted jeans), and my personal favorite -- Tried For 1970s Roger Daltry, Ended Up 1990s Mountain Lesbian (a plaid sleeveless button down shirt and the aforementioned light/tight jeans).

I better get back to work, since I'm the Mom and all.


pelmo said...

So the lad has been watching the honeymooners, and wants to look like his hero, Ed Norton, all he needs is a fadora.

La Sirena said...

OH! It took me a minute to get that one. You're right. Those modern hipster rockers are all dressing like Ed Norton.