Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"The dark don't die & dreams come true."

Where I lead me I will travel
Where I need me I will call me
I'm no fool, I'll be ready
God knows I will be
And in the meantime make a little money
And buy a little mercy.

From Where I Lead Me

Listen to the song on Rhapsody.

Townes Van Zandt has helped me through almost as much crap as my family. A friend turned me on to him in 1994 and gave me an old, scratched up CD with no case -- which got lost during one of my cross-country moves. I couldn't find a replacement anywhere. Still, I could and did sing Where I Lead Me to help endure my more Sisyphus-like moments. Now, I am happy to report I can download his songs or buy tons of his work on CD.

A documentary called Be Here to Love Me was released about a year ago; but I haven't seen it yet. I'd like to though -- so if you have it, invite me over or whatever. Townes wrote Pancho and Lefty and some other songs made famous by some other more famous artists. (Here is a pretty good Townes website .)

Chained upon the face of time
Feeling full of foolish rhyme
There ain't no dark till something shines
I'm bound to leave this dark behind


pelmo said...

If we all switched to methane as an alternative fuel. We would have a cheap source, with all the BS you and MR INDIGO produce. Our dependance on oil would cease, and peace would traverse the globe.

Indigobusiness said...

I used to bump into Townes, from time to time, back in the good old days of Austin. He was a good guy, always said something memorable.

Fuck you, Pelmo.

La Sirena said...

Pelmo -- You need to listen to Townes Van Zandt. Anybody that listens to Willie as much as you do should give Townes a try. He's pure.

Second, I have a hunch that the methane produced by your bullshit may have made the hole in the ozone a few acres bigger.

Indigobusiness -- I'll bet he did.

Alot of my old Albuquerque crew seems to bounce back and forth -- a year or 2 in Austin, then back to the Land of Entrapment for awhile, ad infinitum. I think those cities are on a circuit or a ley line or something.

pelmo said...

But at least mine you don't know it is there until you step in it.

pelmo said...

Just to get serious for a moment. This is for all the morons who voted "RED". Isn't it amazing how fast the price of oil and gasoline has shot up in the last two days. Oh I'm sorry,it's not big oil doing it. It's just how the market works. For you morons I will lay a big cow pie and maybe you will trip over it and bang your head, and maybe just maybe it will knock some sense into you. But we allready know the answere. You are a lost cause.

La Sirena said...


You should make yourself a blog. You have much to say, and perhaps your perpetually tongue-in-cheek style would be better appreciated contextually.

If you click on the Blogger link, it will guide you through the process of setting it up -- otherwise, I'll come over early next week and show you and maybe do my laundry, too.

La Sirena said... you think anyone who voted red has looked at my blog more than once?

pelmo said...

You have to play nice Indigo, or you will be banished from the playground.

When I was young and wild and a bit more limber, I tried some of that kinky contextuall stuff. Remember I was in San Francisco in its hay day. Now that I am older I might hurt myself if I tried it.

Indigobusiness said...

Fuck you, your playground.

La Sirena said...

You BOTH need to play nice.

Don't make me take that maternal tone.

pelmo said...

With your sharp rebuke, I took a time out and went and stood in the corner

Indigobusiness said...

What I need is beside the point.

La Sirena said...

Needs are never beside the point, but generally the source of the reaction.

Indigobusiness said...

Never say never.

They most definitely were, in this case.

La Sirena said...

The need to say never has always been one of my venal sins.

Indigobusiness said...

You're a sinful wench...I've always said that.

Parisian Cowboy said...

Yup, his music is moving. We do have the same tastes.