Monday, October 23, 2006

A Girl and a Bar

We had an impromptu Streetside regular reunion on Saturday evening. It was big fun and I got lots of spine-aligning hugs and beery kisses.

What rocks about Streetside:
  1. Reasonably priced drinks, comparatively speaking.
  2. All tall mixers are served in pint glasses.
  3. Bartenders know how to pour.
  4. Everybody knows my name.
  5. Fantastic collection of drunken geeks.
  6. Eclectic and interesting topics of conversation (examples listed below)
    • Methods of surviving a long-term zombie infestation
    • Naughty proclivities of individuals born under the sign of Virgo
    • Spelunking adventures
    • Advanced genetics
    • Overlooked film directors
    • Movies you never saw but should have
    • Can’t get enough of that funky stuff!” and the "Pusher Man."
    • Who has been pulled over/ arrested most
    • Military service and other sucky jobs
    • Politics – municipal through national
    • Fractiles – Musical expression or mathematical masturbation?
    • Who got shot at the Ace of Fades this week?
    • What is this, Deadwood ?
    • Baseball
    • Neurobiochemistry
What sucks about Streetside:
  1. Incessant firing of excellent bartenders.
  2. Shameless courtship of the Westward Ho Chads and Trixies.
  3. Current patronage of Chads and Trixies visiting the neighborhood to buy up all of the real estate, screw up the local cost of living, and generally exhibit bad taste in music, fashion, politics and baseball.
  4. Yo, DJ! Turn the treble down! The sound system is messed up.
  5. Talking billboards in the "Girls Only" room
  6. Why must all the beer specials involve PBR and 312 (local brew tasting of draft line smegma and stale cheerios)?

It is also one of the only bars open until 2 a.m. every night in Humblo Squark. (Don't forget Maria's Whirlaway Lounge.)

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