Friday, October 20, 2006

Drink Like a Fish

"The problem with the world is that everyone is a few drinks behind."
--Humphrey Bogart

Many years of bartending and being a drinking woman has taught me some very special secrets. I can't repeat most of them. But here are a couple.

1. Always, always, ALWAYS drink a pint of water and take 2 ibuprofen before you pass out -- er, fall asleep.

2. You need a metal shaker -- not glass, not plastic -- shell out 10 bucks at the liquor store and get on with your bad self.

Bad Ass Brandy Manhattans

  • 10 count (~2 shots) call or better brandy
  • 2 count (big splash) of sweet vermouth
  • lots of ice
  • marinated (in booze) cherries

Pour the booze over the ice. Shake until your cheeks jiggle and the shaker freezes to your palms. Strain into a glass of your choosing (stemmed if you're classy, plastic if you're already drunk.) Add cherries to taste. (I like 3.)

Practice the same formula with martinis -- only use about a half count of dry vermouth -- or just splash it on the ice, then drain it before adding your vodka/ gin.

Buy me a couple of shots and I'll tell you my double-secret super margarita recipe. Happy Friday! I'm going to the bar.


pelmo said...

All these wasted motions, and purchases. All one needs is a bottle of water. Consume half and refill with favorite scotch. The money saved on purchase of mixer and other condiments can be placed on the purchase of a higher quality scotch. And most important, you have allready consumed the water, all that is needed is ibuprofin.

Indigobusiness said...

I've idolized Bogart since I can remember, but I abhor ibuprofen.

I'd buy you two shots of anything, for nothing in return.

I concur with Pelmo, regarding high quality Scotch.

La Sirena said...

Sorry, guys...I'm lower rent. Give me whiskey -- scotch's rowdy younger brother. Although I have had absolutely delicious scotch (Johnnie Walker Blue),it is WAY beyond my means.

Note to have just read Pelmo's sacrosanct recipe for "disinfected water".

IB -- I'll do shots with you anytime.

pelmo said...

sacrosanct had nothing to do with this. It is an orginal idea by yours truly.............. and to those who do not call a refrgerator box home, may I suggest MACALLAN Elegancia. The price is well worth it.

La Sirena said...

See their website:

Thank you Pelmo! I will have to try it.

P.S. Cardboard is impractical and so 1987! Plastic homes are all the rage these days. If you walk along the Bloomingdale Trail, people have come up with some really excellent constructions from cast-off plastics. You might want to think about it for your garage.

pelmo said...

No matter what new material they come up with, the retro look is always in, especially now that green is in and cardboard is so none polluting. Besides "Kenmore" and "Westinghouse" sounds like you are living in an estate.

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