Monday, September 11, 2006

The Rock Could Be My Soulmate!

You too can go to this website and calculate your biorhythms.

(Sometimes I look them up and I think -- oh! No wonder I can't seem to pry my ass out of the lazy boy; or... no wonder I suddenly decided to apply geometric proofs to Feng Shui and now my front room vibrates in perfect pitch!--btw, this is a fabricated example, there is nothing perfect about my apartment. )

The site is called Facade and one of the webmasters runs the Cafe of the Gods each year at the Burning Man Festival.

Then after you look up your own personal cycle, you can check your compatability with someone you know (including their birthdate). Or you can also choose a celebrity from their incredibly comprehensive list.

Which is how I found out about the Rock and me. Check it out.

Compatibility of La Sirena and The Rock
Physical 99% Emotional 99% Intellectual 100%
Overall 99%

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